Journey through MEAN Stack: Fall In Love With Node

As a lover of all things that pertain to Web Dev with a combination  of being a lifelong learner… I decided to explore something new when I started my new career in the corporate world. Web Dev classes in college heavily focused on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and a dash of PHP, but not much deeper than that, so naturally I wanted more.

I did research on Web Dev and of course a million and one topics were thrown at my face, but what I did discover was MEAN stack, a fullstack framework for JavaScript and I said, “Lets Do It!” I decided to work through the stack one element at a time, beginning with Node.

If you are not familiar with what Node.js is… let me give you a little background:

  • Node is a server, NOT A FRAMEWORK, that executes JavaScript. So essentially you can run JavaScript outside of a browser. (Ooooh Goodie!) This is awesome because JS is a pretty easy language to pick up and learn. That means just one fairly simple language is being used when doing front-end and back-end development.
  • Node.js uses an asynchronous architecture. Now why is this beneficial? When developing a web app that is I/O heavy, Node is able to handle thousands of concurrent connections without much overhead.
  • Node.js is FAST! Using a V8 JavaScript Runtime Engine, makes Node faster than Python, Perl and Ruby.

Also when getting to know Node, you should familiarize yourself with npm. Npm is a continuously growing package manager that is used for almost 99.9% of all Node projects. It does contain many packages for other frameworks and technologies that are JavaScript related. Npm is an easy way for developers to create and upload their projects and packages, as well as downloading them for future projects. It may be almost impossible for you develop a Node.js project and not use npm at all. So just by creating a Node project, you will definitely get all the npm practice you need.

Now that you have gotten to know Node a bit more… lets start loving it. There are several resources that can get you started on Node.js. My personal journey went like this:

  1. Log on to and read up on it. Learn more about it, how it started and where it is going. The site can help you truly determine if this is something you are truly interested in.
  2. Head over to, where tutorials on all things Node can be found. From the basics of JavaScript, to how to use npm, all the way to more advanced programming styles and libraries of Node. NodeSchool is also good for finding Node.js workshops and meetups in your communities.
  3. Buy a book! It is always good to read up on things that interest you when you have some spare time. My book of choice was Node.js in Action. It is a good read that explores a lot of the fundamentals of Node and it is actually not that expensive. I found my copy on Amazon but I am sure there are many other places it can be found.
  4. Build something basic. There are very basic project tutorials that can get you started understanding the dynamics of Node. The most popular ones I have seen are the Hello World project and The Chatroom app. Many blogs, books and sites have various versions of these simple apps, so a simple Bing or Google search can help you find one easily.
  5. Build something on your own. Continue to build projects of your own that will help you reinforce your knowledge on Node, and of course it will help you to continue to learn

Though it may not replace other back-end languages, Node.js is definitely on the rise and is continuing to have a growing community that hopefully you become a part of! Below I added a few other resources, such as books and tutorials that may also be of help. Stay tuned for the next post on the Journey through MEAN Stack, I will be delving into the Express framework and you don’t want to miss it!

Happy coding 🙂

Resources (nice and easy chat room tutorial) (great for tutorials) (also has tutorials but I use it for reference purposes) (also used for reference) (A great video that can be used to understand asynchronous programming) (An eBook on Node)


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  1. Life long learner is kind curiosity type thing, and without these lie is so boring that i can’t even imagine. gizmo is very informative and suggestive too.

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