NodeBot Adventure Time: I Failed. Boo-hoo

For a good 2 hours, my life seemed to come to a halt because I failed. A HUGE element of my project will not work and now I am stuck. As I mentioned earlier, I soldered an Arduino Wave Shield. Actually, I soldered two! And neither are functionally correctly.  I keep getting the error code:

Error: Card init. failed!
SD I/O error: 1, FF

I have resoldered, rewired and recoded almost every part of this project and nothing has seemed to come together. But I realized this is apart of my job for things to not work the first time, for things to completely blow up in my face and to have to completely restart and rework my whole project. This is how great developers are created, their moment of failure. So this blog post is really just a reminder for all developers out there: If it doesnt work the first time.. Don’t give up. Seek help and find another way (A potentially better way).

Stay tuned for the next step of my journey, and how I reworked my NodeBot.

Also If you have any advice for getting my Wave Shield to work, feel free to email me or comment on this post, with possible solutions. I would love to figure out what I could have possibly been doing wrong.




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