About The Author



I’m Gabby. This is my blog on being the “relatable” nerd.

Software Engineer at Microsoft; Specialize in Node.js and IoT solutions.

Video games, sneaker collecting, watching GoT and traveling are some of my favorite things.

Florida State University alumna, GO Noles!

Electrical Engineering Masters student at the University of Illinois, at Chicago.

Current Video Game: Playing Tomb Raider

Cant Wait For: the new Gears!


13 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hello princess Gabby, 🙂 (just watched your MVA video).
    About your name, just in case you didn’t know:
    “Cever” means “to burst”, or burst by puncture; in English you would say something like “poke your eye out” which would be “crever un oeil” in french.
    “Coeur” means “heart”.
    Yes, your name in English would be “heart breaker”.


  2. Meanwhile in a dorm room in a university in Kenya,a student causes sleepless nights to his roommates while trying (very unsuccesfully :D) to make a talking doll from an arduino board.
    Tension is rising as the doll is in a loop making a noise that is strangely sttracting mosquitoes.
    For real though, great blog 🙂

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