Migrating to the latest TypeScript release

In the beginning of my career (2015), I created a Visual Studio Code extension that I spoke about here and kind of just left it alone. Surprisingly, it was my first TypeScript project and now that I am deeper in the TypeScript world, I decided to update it since it’s been 4 YEARS! First thing […]

A N.E.R.D. Valentines Day Pt 1

A Normal Everyday Really Dope Valentines Day Pt 1: The Gifts Valentines Day is coming up. Here are some gift ideas: Gearing up is always great: One of my favorite sites is BoxLunch! They have super cool products based off whatever “nerdy” things you are into. Here are some of my favorite collections: New/Recent/Upcoming Releases Game […]

Bots are banging: Getting Started with the Microsoft Bot Framework & Node.js

So I made a new bot but this one is a bit different than my typical NodeBots. In fact, there wasnt even any hardware involved! Instead I used the Microsoft Bot Framework, which is used to build interactive bots that are made to interact with users using natural language. Bots made with this framework can be […]

Xamarin Forms Tip: Implementing a ChatBot in your Xamarin App

If you have used the Microsoft Bot Framework and would like to implement it in your app.. here is a quick an easy way: In your content page of choice, simply implement a WebView. Once you create your WebView, you want to create an HtmlWebViewSource, where you can write actual HTML right on the C# […]

Say It Ain’t So : The Ultimate Text To Speech Node Module

There has been such innovation lately with speech and audio in our tech community today. A billion and one API’s have been made to give users the functionality of Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Speech recognition, Speech Translation and etc. (My favorite, not being biased, is honestly Microsoft Cognitive Services API– provides more than just speech functions but […]

Express Yourself with HTML: Using HTML views with Express.js

Express.js is a popular, easy to use framework used for FAST (and I do mean FAST) web application set up; Express will have your app layout up and running in about 2 commands. Express is made of three major components: the HTTP server, the Middleware and the Routers. I do not want to go too […]