Speech to Text with Project Oxford using Node.js

Microsoft’s Project Oxford’s APIs are a bit more complicated to use than what many are expecting, especially when using Node.js! The Project Oxford SDK does not provide code in Node for all APIs, i.e Speech to Text. Using the documentation provided online for REST API’s can be a bit confusing, but I think I can […]

Learn Something New: How to Create a VSCode Extenstion

Visual Studio Code, my current IDE of choice, has become a tad bit cooler because I contributed to it. (JK, I’m not the only reason) Before I delve into my contribution, lets discuss what Visual Studio Code is. Well.. VSCode is the newest cross platform code editor provided to you by Microsoft. VS Code contains many […]

Do The Unthinkable: Deploy your Node.JS App on to Azure

As a consistent learner, I went out and researched a way to upload a Node.js web app on to the Azure cloud. And boy oh boy did everything look pretty complicated. But after looking through my findings and experimenting on my own, I realized it is actually pretty easy. So lets jump right in and […]

Journey through MEAN Stack: Fall In Love With Node

As a lover of all things that pertain to Web Dev with a combination  of being a lifelong learner… I decided to explore something new when I started my new career in the corporate world. Web Dev classes in college heavily focused on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and a dash of PHP, but not much deeper than that, so […]

Tech Jobs for Dummies: The Guide To Successfully Transition Into Your New Technical Role

Welcome Dummy Well hello there…. Lets start with the first and foremost lesson of this post: you are NOT a dummy. You did something not everyone can do, and that is land a job in a technical role. Whether it is full time, an internship or you are self employed, your ability to become proficient in some […]