Migrating to the latest TypeScript release

In the beginning of my career (2015), I created a Visual Studio Code extension that I spoke about here and kind of just left it alone. Surprisingly, it was my first TypeScript project and now that I am deeper in the TypeScript world, I decided to update it since it’s been 4 YEARS! First thing […]

Bots are banging: Getting Started with the Microsoft Bot Framework & Node.js

So I made a new bot but this one is a bit different than my typical NodeBots. In fact, there wasnt even any hardware involved! Instead I used the Microsoft Bot Framework, which is used to build interactive bots that are made to interact with users using natural language. Bots made with┬áthis framework can be […]

Xamarin Forms Tip: Implementing a ChatBot in your Xamarin App

If you have used the Microsoft Bot Framework and would like to implement it in your app.. here is a quick an easy way: In your content page of choice, simply implement a WebView. Once you create your WebView, you want to create an HtmlWebViewSource, where you can write actual HTML right on the C# […]

Say It Ain’t So : The Ultimate Text To Speech Node Module

There has been such innovation lately with speech and audio in our tech community today. A billion and one API’s have been made to give users the functionality of Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Speech recognition, Speech Translation and etc. (My favorite, not being biased, is honestly Microsoft Cognitive Services API– provides more than just speech functions but […]

Express Yourself with HTML: Using HTML views with Express.js

Express.js is a popular, easy to use framework used for FAST (and I do mean FAST) web application set up; Express will have your app layout up and running in about 2 commands. Express is made of three major components: the HTTP server, the Middleware and the Routers. I do not want to go too […]

Speech to Text with Project Oxford using Node.js

Microsoft’s Project Oxford’s APIs are a bit more complicated to use than what many are expecting, especially when using Node.js! The Project Oxford SDK does not provide code in Node for all APIs, i.e Speech to Text. Using the documentation provided online for REST API’s can be a bit confusing, but I think I can […]