Learn Something New: How to Create a VSCode Extenstion

Visual Studio Code, my current IDE of choice, has become a tad bit cooler because I contributed to it. (JK, I’m not the only reason) Before I delve into my contribution, lets discuss what Visual Studio Code is. Well.. VSCode is the newest cross platform code editor provided to you by Microsoft. VS Code contains many […]

Do The Unthinkable: Deploy your Node.JS App on to Azure

As a consistent learner, I went out and researched a way to upload a Node.js web app on to the Azure cloud. And boy oh boy did everything look pretty complicated. But after looking through my findings and experimenting on my own, I realized it is actually pretty easy. So lets jump right in and […]

Journey through MEAN Stack: Fall In Love With Node

As a lover of all things that pertain to Web Dev with a combination  of being a lifelong learner… I decided to explore something new when I started my new career in the corporate world. Web Dev classes in college heavily focused on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and a dash of PHP, but not much deeper than that, so […]

Tech Jobs for Dummies: The Guide To Successfully Transition Into Your New Technical Role

Welcome Dummy Well hello there…. Lets start with the first and foremost lesson of this post: you are NOT a dummy. You did something not everyone can do, and that is land a job in a technical role. Whether it is full time, an internship or you are self employed, your ability to become proficient in some […]