NodeBot Adventure Time: Crank the Tunes!

As I discussed in a previous post… I was trying to get my Arduino to play music. I attempted to build and use an Arduino Wave Shield and FAILED. But yet.. I have managed to overcome such a feat and now I got my Arduino playing music. And thats not even the best part. The […]

Speech to Text with Project Oxford using Node.js

Microsoft’s Project Oxford’s APIs are a bit more complicated to use than what many are expecting, especially when using Node.js! The Project Oxford SDK does not provide code in Node for all APIs, i.e Speech to Text. Using the documentation provided online for REST API’s can be a bit confusing, but I think I can […]

NodeBot Adventure Time: I Failed. Boo-hoo

For a good 2 hours, my life seemed to come to a halt because I failed. A HUGE element of my project will not work and now I am stuck. As I mentioned earlier, I soldered an Arduino Wave Shield. Actually, I soldered two! And neither are functionally correctly.  I keep getting the error code: […]

The Suspense! The Horror!… The Soldering Iron?

Just wanted to share: Yesterday was my first time using a soldering iron and it was so intense! I don’t have a steady hand… So putting together an Arduino Wave Shield was not the easiest thing for me. I was so scared I would mess it up… Eventually I got the hang of it, and […]